Don't Bore Them

Despite a nearly 130 year run as the denim leader and holding court at the center of culture, Levi's more recently faced headwinds from a more premium and fragmented denim market. The brand's response was to follow the conventional wisdom of fashion marketing - target influencers. However, focusing on tastemakers left the brand at the fringes of culture and Levi's power is in its breadth. When we became their creative AOR in 2012, we set out to develop a brand platform that is both distinctive and broad, celebrating Levi's core value of authentic self-expression. We call that Never Finished idea, Live in Levi's.


No matter your tribe, age or cultural group - punks, rock stars, hippies, factory workers - we all wear jeans, but you Live in Levi's.


Levi's is the denim you've lived incredible moments in, an accomplice in life's best stories.