Clean & Healthy Home

Clean is the beginning. What comes next is everything.
This is the first large scale campaign for Clorox in the new strategic platform developed by FCB. Clorox disinfecting products wipe away dirt and germs, but this new campaign celebrates what comes after cleaning: unpredictable, chaotic and wonderful life.


Cleaning doesn't nearly get the credit it deserves. People focus better in a clean home or on a clean desk. Students do better in clean environments and get better grades. Unbelievably, this leads to higher salaries, even 10 years later. Clean communities are associated with lower crime rates. Clorox knows all this and believes that clean is just the beginning. It's what comes next that is so important - reducing germs, allergens and creating a clean and healthy home. So what can we do to hero all these effects?


Cleaning is often seen as a necessary evil. It's the mundane chore at the end of all the fun and enjoyment that gets things back to normal. But what if we flipped that on its head? We turn cleaning into a moment of empowerment that creates a blank canvas for all the incredible moments that come after.