La Cocina @ the SF Ferry Building

A local SF nonprofit, La Cocina, reached out to our design team to help redesign their Ferry Building’s kiosk display. The Kitchen Incubator for low-income and immigrant food businesses (primarily women), needed to transform the space. With just a few months of planning and a very small budget, we transformed the space to a vibrant, energetic kiosk to help not only reflect La Cocina’s Mission district roots, but also increase traffic and double their profit per shift. Thank you, La Cocina, for the opportunity.

Your Mom Hates Dead Space


In a brave spin on focus group testing, we gathered real-life moms to see what they thought of the infamously disgusting third-person shooter. They were not pleased.

The Effies Do Not Hate Dead Space 2


Our campaign for EA’s Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 added to its award show total with four medals at this year’s Effie’s show in New York — Two golds, one each for Influencers and Leisure Products & Services, and two silvers, the first for Software and the second for Entertainment and Sporting Events. The campaign was also recognized as the number two most-effective brand on the continent behind IBM who outspent us 300 to 1. Congrats to EA and the team.

Wear the Pants


In the last 20 years men’s testosterone levels have dropped an astonishing 20%. We turned that little nugget into an award-winning campaign for Dockers that called upon men to reclaim their manhood and, once again, wear the pants.

The New Wheel Flattens SF


Admittedly, an electric bike in San Francisco is an easy sell. Still, when we heard about The New Wheel’s innovative take on green transportation, we jumped at the chance to create an identity for their brand, a look and feel for their new Bernal Heights store, as well as an integrated campaign that helped get their story out both online and in the real world.