EA – Your Mom Hates Dead Space

Dead Space 2 is the sequel to one of the most grotesque survival-horror video games ever. But this genre is a little too gruesome for many gamers' tastes, limiting our ability to reach the mainstream market. With a universal insight – that moms hate what gamers love – we created a campaign that broke through to the mainstream and brought a new wave of gamers into the franchise.

Dockers – Wear The Pants

Khaki pants, once a symbol of masculinity and freedom from suits and ties, had become the uniform of cube-dwelling, middle-aged middle managers – a problem for Dockers, the category leader. To reverse a long-term downturn, we set out to make Dockers and the men who wear them feel potent once again. Our campaign, “Wear The Pants,” did this and more.

Habitat for Humanity – Built by the Bay

Habitat for Humanity is a household name. (Literally.) So we leveraged its reputation and our long-standing media relationships to help earn Habitat more than 125 million free impressions. (That’s $850K for a $72K investment.) We took a little, and made a lot. Perfect. Because that's what Habitat does every single day.

Kikkoman – Make Haste Slowly

Kikkoman is an amazing company. The origin of the brand is based on myth, its business principles are derived from a family creed and its roots date back to feudal Japan. It’s an incredible story most brands would kill for. And we thought it was worth sharing with the world. So, as part of a fully integrated campaign, we made a short film. Directed by two-time Academy Award™-nominated filmmaker Lucy Walker, the documentary explores 350 years of history and the family creed that shaped the brand.

SimCity – Let’s All Be Mayor

To launch the first SimCity in almost a decade, DFCB SF gave the world an interactive sneak peak of the game in a live online event called “Let’s All Be Mayor.” For seven days, the world joined forces to decide the fate of a different city each day and watched the results of their collective decisions play out in real time.

Dockers – Wellthread

When they came to us, Dockers® Wellthread had no name. In fact it was just an idea. With one hell of a story. A new way of making. More sustainable. More durable. More conscious about their workers’ well being. We came in on the ground floor, right at conception, and helped create an identity, brand, look and feel, tone, and even found the right music, making sure to always reflect the same care and intention that goes into every step of the Wellthread process. This clothing is crafted. And so is the work we are making for them. Together, we are creating a truth we’re proud to tell.

Nature’s Recipe

Nature's Recipe is a high-end dog food that two years ago had very little awareness within the dog food category. Del Monte needed a campaign that would breakthrough in a sea of marketing filled with clichéd moments between dog and owner. They also needed a campaign that would tell a compelling ingredient story. We teamed up with Academy Award™-winning Animation Director Mark Gustafson to help tell that story.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Today

To launch Star Wars: The Old Republic, we created a spot that celebrated the franchise and invited the audience to live out their fantasy in this Massive Multiplayer game.

Mass Effect 3 – Take Earth Back

Faced with losing everything, what would you do? Shot by Reynald Gresset of Caviar, with effects work done by the Mill London and music by Human Worldwide, the campaign offers a dark portrait of the world at its end.

Dockers – Phone Booth

What does the modern superhero wear? A cape? Tights? Naw, he’s clad in khaki. Saving the day, every day, by simply taking care of business.

Levi’s Internal Videos – &Co.

Sometimes a company like Levi Strauss & Co. forgets who they are. And for the past two years, we’ve gotten the chance to remind them. Not only have we learned everything there is to know about Levi’s history, but we’ve also helped give LS&Co. CEO Chip Bergh a way to open and close each year’s Global Summit (a meeting of the top 100 leaders of the LS&Co. network) with enthusiasm, positivity, and momentum. Not to mention, we’ve been able to continue to foster a relationship that dates back to the 1920s.

SimCity – Vanity Mayor

In SimCity, you get to be the mayor of a living, breathing city. As part of a larger, integrated campaign to relaunch the game after a ten-year absence, we created a series of broadcast spots and videos in which Comedy Central star Adam Devine portrays a buffoon of a mayor.

Dockers – Muse

Drafting off the success of Wear the Pants, the Muse initiative was a contest that rewarded men who wanted to wear the pants and pursue their passion. The film series celebrated individuals who had found their passion and followed their dreams to serve as inspiration to the contest entrants. This is one of those films.

Red Alert 3 – Remix

The Red Alert franchise features minor celebrities to move the plot forward in live action vignettes. With limited production dollars we piggybacked on the game’s production and, during breaks in the shooting, we asked the talent to read some wild lines for us. Then we edited the sound bites together with the best game clips and posted to the game’s YouTube account.

Mass Effect 2 – Interactive Diorama

Mass Effect has one of the most elaborate narratives of any video game ever made. With more lines of dialogue than lines of text in the Bible, the franchise is more of an interactive entertainment experience than simply just a game. And the advertising celebrated this rich fiction with an immersive banner that gave fans a taste of Mass Effect’s amazing story.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Digital Video

How do you take an amazing CG trailer for one of the world’s most beloved brands and make it better? Have it break the frame of the ad unit and destroy the website it plays on.


California Raisins


Levi’s 501