Something is on a collision course with Earth. Luckily it’s just the new Sims! Inspired by Summer Blockbusters, FCB surprised and delighted fans with “The Arrival,” The Sims 4 announce trailer. To celebrate the fans and their eye for detail, FCB also included some of fans’ favorite Sims lore into the trailer as secret extra content.

Star Wars:
The Old Republic


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively-multiplayer online game. And it’s not just for nerds. To prove that point, we created a spot that celebrated the franchise and invited the audience to live out their Star Wars fantasy in the game.

Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand wanted to show Canadian travelers that a flight to Australia with a stopover in New Zealand isn’t just a delay, but an opportunity to get more for your vacation. So we gave them New Zealand on the Way, a campaign that shows how awesome your trip to Australia can be when you have a little New Zealand on your way.

SimCity: Let’s All Be Mayor


To launch the first SimCity in almost a decade, FCB gave the world an interactive sneak peak of the game in a live online event called “Let’s All Be Mayor.” For seven days, the world joined forces to decide the fate of a different city each day and watched the results of their collective decisions play out in real time.

X Ghost Owl

DFCB_GhostOwl_Featured Image

Our office is a home away from home for us but too often we forget to decorate accordingly. We wanted something that said “we are wise, we fly high, we eat mice*.” So, we contacted local artist Ghost Owl to come in and do a custom mural in our lobby. This marks the first in what is hopefully many collaborations with Bay Area artists plying their trade in our space.

*Only from a food truck.