Levi’s: Live in Levi’s


FCB launches the latest global marketing campaign for the iconic American fashion brand
Levi’s. The campaign features video, print, and outdoor ads that encourage customers to
“Live in Levi’s.”

Nabi: Fear No Question


As a child, there is nothing worse than having the teacher call on you when you don’t know
the answer. Our newest spot for Nabi, an educational tablet for kids, shows how Nabi gives
student the confidence to “Fear No Question.”

Canal+: The Woman Who Can’t Watch Movies


FCB West and FCB Spain teamed up to humorously highlight the plight of Linda Dotson
Wooley, the widow of the Sheb Wooley, whose famous “Wilhelm Scream” has been dubbed
into hundreds of movies since 1951. This mini-documentary shows how Mrs. Wooley can
no longer watch movies because hearing her husband’s voice is just too painful. The campaign
urged people to donate their screams so Mrs. Wooley never has to hear her husband’s
scream again.



Something is on a collision course with Earth. Luckily it’s just the new Sims! Inspired by Summer Blockbusters, FCB surprised and delighted fans with “The Arrival,” The Sims 4 announce trailer. To celebrate the fans and their eye for detail, FCB also included some of fans’ favorite Sims lore into the trailer as secret extra content.

Star Wars:
The Old Republic


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively-multiplayer online game. And it’s not just for nerds. To prove that point, we created a spot that celebrated the franchise and invited the audience to live out their Star Wars fantasy in the game.